Benefits of Agbo Herbal Remedy.

Benefits of Agbo Herbal Remedy.

Recent studies have shown that about 80% of the worlds population still depend on traditional herbal medicine for their well being This is because these herbs are obtained from the purest natural sources and they have no artificial chemicals.

These herbal medications are still very popular in west africa today, they are used mostly in the rural communities due to several reasons that will be explained later on in this post. One of the most popular traditional medicine in Nigerian is ‘Agbo’. This drug is one of the oldest traditional medicine in the country.

Agbo is a native herbal drug that consist mainly of roots gotten from specific trees. This herb is very affordable and it said to have various benefits. The drug is popularly called Agbo or Agbo Jedi Jedi by the Yoruba tribe and is hawked mostly in the rural areas of the country. Women who sell Agbo are referred to in Yoruba language as ‘EleweOmo’. Many still partronize sellers of this herbal medicine because the strongly believe its keeps them healthy.

Agbo Ingridients
Traditionlist who make Agbo, seek for purest roots and bark of specific trees. They are then thoroughly boiled and soaked for days in a bottle before it can be used with the prescriptions given by the expert.

Agbo is sometimes mixed with alcohol for the youths and elderly, this method is mostly preferred.

Ailment Cured with Agbo
Agbo has been used by traditionalist to cure several ailments for many years, this is one of the reason why many still prefer the herb to western medicine.

Some of the ailment that cured with Agbo are;

  • Malaria
  • Typhoid
  • Hemorrhoid
  • Measles
  • Stomach ache
  • Chicken Pox etc

Herbal doctors in Africa rely solely on their form of medication and have all natural remedies to most of the common ailment. If the symptom where to still persist, after treatment another form of medication will then be prescribed.

Method of Usages.
Agbo can either be drank or used to bath depending on the type of ailment. However, most people prefer to drink Agbo because its believed to be very effective that way.
Agbo is also a very bitter medicine. This is a known fact by all who take the drug. It leaves a harsh taste in the mouth. Nigerian Mothers who give their children this herbs say they often cry at the sight Agbo because of the taste.

Why People Prefer Agbo
For many years they have been several testimonies on the benefits of Agbo leading to why many prefer this herbal drink as a first choice of home remedy. Some of the major reasons why people still prefer this native drink because its very affordable and its also has a lot of health benefits.

The believe is based on the fact that herbal medicine had been in existence before the introduction of western medicine and it made the fore father very healthy.
Traditionalist also say that drugs that undergoes industrial and chemical processes sometimes times have negative side effect on the body, therefore they should be avoided. This is why people should rely more on herbs for good health.