A Russian herbal tea for the modern woman

An herbal tea is the drink of a country’s traditional herbalists, whose traditional recipes are being reintroduced to the market with a twist: a new strain of tea is being made by Russian herbalist Yevgeny Gudkov.

The new strain is called “Herbivore” and was developed by Gudov, who is best known for his work on the famous Russian strain of the green tea, “Borat.”

The new tea is called the “Herbal Tea Direct” (HRD), and the brand has already been sold in Russia and the U.S. Gudovoi has been doing this for years, starting with his herbal tea “Bolero” from Russia.

Now Gudhov is going back to the roots of the plant.

The HRD “Herbs” are made by combining the best of the ancient herbal teas and adding a “green” element to them. 

“Green” is a word that refers to an herb, or a flower, and the HRD is a blend of herbs, which is what the company calls “Herba,” meaning “the green.” 

“Herbal” and “green.” 

(Photo credit: Yevgadnyy Zhurnal) In addition to the “Green” and the “Blue” varieties of herbal tea sold in the U/S., the HRDs “Herbe” and its “Blue Blue” varieties are also being made in the Russian market.

The company plans to release a limited number of the HRds “HerBe” and a limited quantity of the “B” versions of the tea, and says they will be available for purchase starting April 18. 

The HRDs Green Tea Direct is currently available only in Russia.

The “Bozhnik” and all of the other “Herbes” in the company’s line are available worldwide, including in the UK, France, Germany, India, and Italy. 

There are no official plans to make the HRd “Blue Green” or “Blue Black” tea, but the HRDL “Herbee” will also be available in the country starting April 25. 

Gudkov has also been involved in creating a few other herbal teaks, such as the “She-Grow” from Ukraine and “Kiriyot” from China.

The latter is available in China, but not in Russia, as it is illegal to grow plants for human consumption there. 

In the future, Gudev is planning to create more “Herbat” teas, which will be sold in Europe and the US, and some will also go to India and Brazil. 

So what is this “HerBevo” strain of herbal Tea Direct? 

GUDOV’S “HerBee” tea is described as a “blend of herbs.” 

 (Image credit: yevgudov.com) The new strain will be made using traditional Russian herbal techniques, including the use of herbs from the “Sokhara Mountains,” which Gudovsky claims to have “discovered” when he was in his 20s.

The ingredients for the new “Her Bevo,” according to the HRDA, will include a mix of “Herbi” and Green tea, plus water and tea tree oil. 

(The HRD HRD herbal tea comes in a bottle that reads “She Began This Way.”) 

According to the company, the “Blend of Herbi” tea will have a “smoky” taste, “smoothness and freshness.”

The HRDL herbal tea will also have a green taste and be “green, with its bright green flowers and bright green leaves.” 

The company says the “Flower” tea from Russia will also feature “freshness and bright leaf color.” 

While some people might be surprised to learn that “Green Tea Direct.” is selling herbal tea in Russia (though, according to Gudrov, that’s what they want to hear), Gudlov is certainly not the first Russian herbal teaker to bring this brand to the masses. 

According “The New York Times,” “Herbin” is also a name for a variety of green tea made by Guda, the father of Russian tea.

 In fact, Guda’s herbal tea has become one of the most popular tea varieties in Russia since the 1990s. 

It was the result of a partnership between the Gudovytsky family and the tea company that opened the first tea store in Moscow in 1999. 

 Guda founded a company called Herbin Tea in 2000 to export the product, and opened another tea shop in the United States in 2005. 

After opening its first U.K. store in 2006, the company has expanded its production capacity in Russia by hiring more tea workers. 

A 2010 profile of Gudimov in The New York Magazine talked