What you need to know about herbal tea dropshipper

A new herbal tea product recalls its herbal tea sales and is raising concerns about safety.

The herbal tea drophippers have been recalled after reports of a small number of consumers who experienced allergic reactions.

The product is called Lavender herbal teas.

The products are intended for use with tea or coffee, and they are supposed to be safe for all ages.

The recall is due to a “substantial number of reported adverse reactions” to Lavender teas, said the recall advisory board of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The advisory board said that the FDA has been in contact with manufacturers of the products and has taken measures to prevent any adverse reactions.

The advisory board also said that Lavender tea is a new herbal product, and it was not known if it was being sold as a new product.

According to the FDA, Lavender is an herbal tea that contains a powdery resin and an alkaloid that is found in some plants.

It is a mixture of a variety of herbs and is believed to be the most potent herbal tea in the world.

The product, which is being sold in a number of locations, includes a bottle of Lavender herb tea and a package of drophipped dropshipping.

The dropshipper is the receptacle for the herbal tea.

The label on the drophipper says the dropshippered tea contains “lavender, an extract of the plant Lavandula officinalis.”

The company says that the Lavender dropshipped tea contains 1.2 grams of lavender, or about 1/2 teaspoon.

It also says that Lavandulari extract can be mixed with a liquid or a gel to create a smoothie or tea.

The company said that it was aware of reports that the tea was causing allergic reactions, and was taking steps to ensure that its products are safe for use.

The agency said that consumers should contact their health care provider if they have any symptoms of allergies, or if they think they might have symptoms.

The FDA said it was also asking that the company provide an updated list of all the ingredients on the dropsheets.

The Lavender Tea Dropshipper was announced on Nov. 29 and has not yet received approval from the FDA.