Why Apple will ship a lot of iPhones this year, despite the new regulations

The next iPhone isn’t just a new model, it’s a brand new one.

And Apple is bringing back some of its iconic features, such as the traditional, white iPhone case and the iconic, blue iPhone logo.

But Apple’s new iPhone lineup is also going to include some new hardware features, too, including a much more affordable, more powerful model, and a much smaller screen.

Apple’s next iPhones have the most advanced camera ever made, the world’s thinnest battery, the best camera and wireless charging system, and the best wireless earbuds that Apple has ever made.

But these are all just small details in the grand scheme of things.

The real story is what’s coming to iPhone this year.

Here are five things we can expect to see when Apple unveils the next iPhone.1.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S will have new battery technologies Apple’s upcoming iPhones will have an improved battery, with a new type of lithium-ion cell.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used energy storage material, and their performance is far superior to traditional lithium-polymer batteries.

Lithia-ion cells have an energy density of around 300Wh/kg, compared to about 250Wh/kilogram for lithium-metal batteries, and they have better thermal stability.

Lithion batteries also have a much lower weight than lithium-cobalt batteries, so they can be used in a variety of battery technologies, including battery-operated devices, and even solar panels.

Apple has announced that it is working on a lithium-phosphate (LPS) battery, which will be the largest lithium-based battery available.

It will be around three times larger than the existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S battery, but it will have much lower energy density.

The battery technology will also be available in different types of glass, such the one used in Apple’s latest iPod Touch.2.

Apple is adding a new design to the iPhone’s back, and it’s going to be a very different design than the one on the current iPhone models.

The iPhone 6 will have a larger display, but Apple is taking a different approach.

Instead of sticking to the familiar curved-edge iPhone design, Apple is introducing a completely new design.

The new design will feature a full screen, which is a feature that was previously only available in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.

The display is going to have a more curved, rounded shape, with the edges curved inwards, which gives it a more natural look, and makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand.3.

The screen will have glass back and front.

The most obvious difference between the current iPhones and the next iPhones is that the new models will have full-screen displays.

In other words, you won’t be able to use the iPhone 6 as a regular display on a normal phone.

Instead, you will be able use the screen as a display for your phone’s camera.

Apple says the new iPhone will also have the best screen in the world.

It has a 5-inch screen, and you can actually see the image in the display, so it can be clearly seen.

But the screen will be completely covered by the glass, which makes it much more comfortable for users to use.4.

Apple will also add a new microphone to the front of the iPhone.

There’s a reason why the new iPhones will be equipped with a dedicated microphone, as it will be much more convenient to have one that can be connected to a third party device that will then make calls, send messages, or receive data.

The microphone will also allow users to control Siri with their voice.5.

Apple and Apple TV are going to offer the best set-top box in the market, and Apple is getting ready to bring it to the new phones.

Apple already announced that the company will be releasing a set-up that will allow you to stream TV shows and movies, including Netflix, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video.

The set-ups will come with the ability to set your own subscriptions, as well as the ability for you to create your own shows.

But there will also likely be a third option that will let you watch the content that you want without having to sign up for an Apple TV subscription.6.

Apple plans to make the next model of the iPad compatible with Apple TVs.

The company has already announced a new iPad Mini that will work with Apple TV.

And it will work on the iPad mini 2 as well, although the company isn’t sure whether the iPad Mini 2 will be compatible with the new Apple TVs that Apple is planning to bring to the market.7.

Apple won’t make the iPad thinner.

Apple hasn’t changed the design of the current iPad, but the company is planning a redesign of the device that may include an all-glass design.

Apple also won’t introduce a thinner version of the new iPad that can fit into the iPhone and the iPad Air.