Two Japanese women in China are accused of selling fake herbal tea and dalgety herbs

Three Japanese women have been arrested in China for selling fake herbs and tea, Chinese authorities said Tuesday.

The women, all aged between 23 and 32, allegedly sold fake herbal teas at local markets and also dalgoty herbs and teas containing tea leaves, according to a statement from the provincial government.

The arrests were made by local police officers who were searching for suspects, the statement said.

In October last year, police arrested five people who allegedly sold herbal teacups at a market in the eastern city of Shijiazhuang, it said.

The five people are being held at a local detention facility.

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua said the three women, who had ties to a tea shop, were arrested after the search of the premises.

The shop is a branch of the Chinese tea firm Shijin Tea Co., and the products were sold by the shop’s owner, the news agency said.

Shijin is based in Guangdong province and is owned by the Chinese conglomerate Sinohydro.

The company is also known as the largest tea producer in the world.

The tea sold by Shijiys tea shop is called the tea of the East, Xinhua reported.