Chinese herb tea center opens in Los Angeles

Posted March 06, 2019 06:05:17The first herbal tea shop in the United States opened Wednesday in Los Angels, where it hopes to make the first herbal products available in a major U.S. city.

In the coming weeks, the Los Angeles-based company will have its first customers in San Diego, Phoenix and Denver, with the intention of opening more outlets throughout the country, the company said.

Hence, the first shop in Los Angelas will be a Chinese herbal tea store, where people can order a variety of teas, including herbal teas made from Chinese herbs and tea bags that are infused with herbs.

It is expected that other markets will follow.

“This is the first major market where people are actually getting herbal tea products,” said Pauline Fiset, executive director of the Chinese herbal products association, which represents more than 200 companies that make herbal teases, herbal teaware and herbal teapots.

The herbal tea industry has long been an important market for China.

China’s top tea-maker, the Huaxia Tea Group, which has more than 80 locations in the U.K., China and Taiwan, makes tea for export to the U