How to get a license to brew herbal tea

The NFL has asked state officials to review the licensing process for herbal teabags after a lawsuit claimed the agency has failed to disclose details of the herbal tea licenses that are required to sell the product.

The league, which has a license for tea products, said it has made changes to the licensing procedures and has updated its process to include clarifying and updating information regarding herbal teacups.

In an email to the league, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control said the league had “identified a potential problem” with its licensing process.

The email from state officials said the licensing documents were “not in compliance with the state law,” which requires licensees to disclose the types of ingredients used in their herbal teapots.

“These documents do not reflect the types and quantities of ingredients in the products sold, nor the type and quantities sold in each of the individual states,” the email said.

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

According to the NFL, the agency did not receive any complaints about the information provided to the agency.”

The NFL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The league had been issuing licenses for herbal tea products to tea vendors across the country since 2006, and licensed them to some of the world’s largest tea brands.

The process has been a source of contention in the tea industry, with some tea vendors claiming they are required by the league to sell only tea products that they have produced themselves.

The league contends it has no control over the suppliers.