Chinese herbal tea company sells herbal tea for $1,000

Chinese herbal companies have sold herbal tea at $1 million a pop, and some of the sellers have been arrested.

The products are being sold as “natural” herbal tea and are said to contain a mix of herbs and plant extracts.

The products are available at tea shops and on e-commerce sites.

The company, China Health Tea, has made the products available at a price of $1.25 per litre, which is the highest price on the market, according to an article by Quartz.

The article also notes that a batch of herbal tea is sold for $10,000 and a bottle of tea for about $3,000.

The news of the price increases came as China’s anti-graft agency, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, reported that one of the largest tea producers in China, Shanghai Shenzhou Tea, had been arrested for “fraudulent and illegal conduct”.

In a statement, Shenzhou said that it would “take all necessary legal measures” to stop the charges against it.

In a separate statement, Shanghai said that the company had not breached any law, but was in “full compliance with the law”.

It said it was committed to protecting the reputation of the tea industry in China and to “protect the people from fraud”.

A spokeswoman for the Shanghai Shenzou Tea Association, which has its headquarters in Shanghai, declined to comment.

The China Health Department of the People’s Republic of China did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration said that if a tea is made with “unlawful ingredients” it is considered a “fake” tea, which the agency does not monitor.