How to make a tea with the help of your pet

What do you need to make your pet tea?

There are a variety of tea making supplies available for pet owners to use to prepare their tea.

Read on to learn about making your own.

What you’ll need:How to make:Dandelion TeaDandelions are small, green and fragrant flowers that are popular in herbal and alternative medicine communities.

It’s easy to get them and they’re not particularly expensive.

Dandelon is one of the most popular varieties of dandelion, and can be found in almost every garden and flower shop in the UK.

It has a strong, bright green, floral aroma and is used for making herbal incense and other herbs.

It’s also a popular source of tea.

You can make a regular tea by soaking the leaves in boiling water for about a minute, then letting them cool down.

The liquid will evaporate and be left to cool on a tea towel before drinking.

You may need to add some lemon or lime juice to the tea if you want to add flavour to the herb.

Dangerous: The leaves can contain toxins such as DMT and piperonyl methystic acid, which can cause death by respiratory distress.

How to use:The leaves can be soaked for a few minutes in boiling tap water.

They can then be steamed in a bamboo basket and poured into a tea kettle for steeping.

You might also add a little lemon or limeshine to the brew.

You can also boil the leaves to a low boil for up to 10 minutes before using them for tea.