‘Herbal Tea’ is making herbal medicine in the UK

A UK herbal tea bar, called Herbal Tea, has started selling its herbal tea and herbal tea extracts online, selling the drinks at a lower price than its traditional UK price.

The drink is available in 20-packs, and for around £12.99.

It is also available in two flavours: a white tea and a black tea.

The products have been launched online, and have been featured in the Daily Mail, The Times and the Times Higher Ed.

The company said that it was “proud” of its success, and that it had already sold over 30,000 tea bags and capsules, including herbal tea capsules.

The company has been running the tea bar online for the past few weeks, and said that its herbal product had been sold at a price that was “competitive with the market”.

“Our product is currently available at a much lower price point than the market will bear, and we believe this reflects our passion for this product and the benefits that it brings to our customers,” the company said.

“We are extremely proud of the product and are committed to working with our customers to ensure they have a great experience with our herbal tea.”

The product is available online, but only in 20packs, with the company also planning to expand to include two more flavours, such as black tea and white tea, in the future.

In a blog post, the company explained that it is not a traditional herbal tea seller, and does not want to “suck the life out of people’s lives”.

“We want to provide our customers with an affordable alternative to traditional herbal medicine that will help them to be healthier and happier,” it said.

“Our focus is on offering the best in quality herbal tea products to help people reduce their risk of chronic illness, and our aim is to provide an affordable and convenient way to enjoy a great tea experience.”

The product will be sold in the next few months.