Herbal tea, a natural herb, is the real thing

The natural herb tea that makes herbal tea a household staple is now a $100 billion industry, thanks to a $2 billion infusion of capital.

The infusion, made possible by a $20 million grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, is being led by India’s Desmodium Group, which is owned by the Rothschilds.

Desmodia is now offering herbal tea as a dietary supplement. 

The infusion will allow Desmodum to expand its offerings and diversify its product line.

Desmoladea, the brand Desmolidea, is a natural, low-alcohol, herbal tea that uses the seeds of the herb Desmodaria spp.

to produce an herbal extract. 

Desmoladean is a product of a partnership between Desmoladie and Desmodio, a French-Indian company that also makes Desmolades, a low-calorie tea with no added sugar. 

“We want to create a whole new industry around this natural herb,” said Desmolacea’s managing director Ravi Narayan. 

I hope to be part of that industry.” 

Desmodia and Desmoladera are developing products that are a blend of natural ingredients, including a low glycemic index tea, low fat milk tea and a mild herbal supplement.

The company’s goal is to produce herbal tea for as many people as possible, according to Narayan, who hopes to produce it for around $20 a gram. 

Narayan hopes to reach a market of about 40 million people, or about 5% of India’s total population. 

But the infusion will be more than a boon for Desmolada.

It will also help the company expand its product portfolio, which has grown to include herbal tea, herbal supplements, natural cosmetics and natural supplements for athletes. 

In a statement, Desmoladela said it is looking to expand the portfolio to include new products, such as herbal supplements for the treatment of arthritis and depression, as well as herbal teas for those with fibromyalgia and migraines. 

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)