Which is better: lemon or cranberry herbal teas?

In the springtime, citrus fruits ripen and begin to develop a vibrant, fragrant juice.

The scent of a lemon garden, ripe cranberries, and ripe fresh lemonade. 

But as spring approaches, the taste of a citrus garden starts to turn to a sweet, floral, and sweet-smelling aroma.

 This is where cranberry-infused herbal teases come into play.

They can be used to give a fresh, sweet taste to a citrus scent, or they can be added to sweetened, citrus-based scents.

Brett Kessel, co-owner of The Herbals, explains that cranberry juices can be blended with herbs to create a rich herbal blend that pairs well with citrus.

“If you combine cranberry juice with fresh herbs, you can create an herbal scented wine that pairs beautifully with a citrus-y fragrance,” he says.

When choosing herbal scents, Brett says, “It’s important to have some kind of citrus flavor in the blend.

If you add some sort of citrus to your scents you’re giving the base of the scent a citrus flavor.”

The Herbals currently offers seven flavors, with one of the newer flavors, the Cranberry Garden, being available now at The Herbaries on Amazon for $4.99.

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