What to expect from the new ‘Espresso’ range

By James O’ConnorThis week the brand’s new Espresso line will debut in the US.

It’ll hit the shelves in September and, while it’s still in pre-production, we can expect to see some big changes.

First, we know it’ll have a slightly different colour scheme than its predecessor.

In a statement, Espresso said it will be a “more vibrant shade of pink” and “an attractive mix of black and gold”.

It’s not the first time Espresso has tweaked its look; it’s also been known to use a more modern palette in the past.

The brand first launched its ‘Evan’ line in 2009, but it’s now known as ‘Ecolium’.

The brand also unveiled a new ‘Sour Blend’ range, which looks a bit like a “sour almond” but with a slightly darker chocolate flavour.

It will also be available in a “black” and a “white” colour scheme.

As you might expect, Esporo is not the only tea company looking to push its brand beyond the traditional ‘e-cola’ category. 

The Bordeaux-based tea giant Sainte-Agathe has launched its EspaNteya line, which features a range of  liquids and teas from the Bouillabaisse group, including the Ecolia and L’Éta brands.

The EpaNteyea range includes a range of flavours including the popular Avec sours, which are described as “a blend of fruits and spices, all blended in a gentle but elegant fashion”.

The Epsilon is a more traditional ‘espresso’ lodge, which will be released in November.

It’s described as a “smooth, slightly acidic espresso that has been developed in collaboration with La Bordeaux, La Chambre, Lactanthe and La Marzocco” and will be priced at £11.99 per 750ml.

The Ginny’s Espresso takes on the ‘Eco’ brand name and makes a more playful range of teas including a Sour blend of orange and black and gold flavours.

It also offers an  spiced e-cigarette and a ‘tasting cup’ which will cost £3.99.

Ginys, the parent company of La Bordeux, was founded in 2004 by the French-born Noussours owner Philippe Dufour, and has a long history of launching teas into the UK market. 

It’s been said that Dufour was behind the first E-Cola brand, which was launched in the UK in 2009. 

Escape Coffee, on the other hand, has launched two ‘ecco’ teas: the Sauce of Tea and the Taste of Tea, each of which have been described as a flavourful blend of herbs and spices. 

They are available in Sugary Black and Blue flavours, priced at £3.79 and £4.99 respectively. Both Eco and Eco teas are still in the pre-order stages.