Tansy is the new Kava herb, it’s time to get the latest information

Tansyla is a new herbal tea.

The first one that the world has seen and experienced is called Kava and it’s now also available in India.

Tansylas medicinal properties are very unique, said Tansiya, a tea enthusiast who works in a tea shop in the city of Bhubaneswar.

They have different characteristics depending on the plant that they’re grown from.

The flowers and leaves that grow on them have medicinal properties and the leaves have no medicinal properties at all.

There are many varieties of the plant.

There are different varieties of herbs.

So we have a few herbs that are called “ginkgo” (green).

There are also “gourds” and “kamchis” and they have a medicinal property.

There’s also “kulang” which is a green plant that has a medicinal value.

There is “mujang” or “mulang”.

There are some other herbs that have medicinal characteristics.

We have different varieties and some of them have a very high medicinal value, said Rana Kukali, a doctor who works with the Institute of Ayurveda at the University of Delhi.

So we have this beautiful green tea, which is called “Tansy”, that’s a medicinal tea.

There we have “mukunda” (yellow), “kumkunda” and there are many other varieties of medicinal herbs.

The only thing that we don’t have, however, is “kalka”.

“But we have some varieties that have the ability to give a very strong medicinal effect,” she said.

The word “kalam” comes from Sanskrit which means “to give”, and “pachad” is Sanskrit for “tear”.

The “kal” in “kapur” means “tea” in Sanskrit.

Kapur tea has a mild taste and can be enjoyed at home or even by friends and family.

It’s a tea made from the leaves of the tea plant known as the Kava plant.

Takeshi, an Indian tea enthusiast, has been growing Kava tea in Bhubane since 2002.

“I’ve always had a passion for tea,” said Takeshi, who has been buying tea from various tea shops and shops.

“I started growing Kaval and I have been growing it in my house for about 15 years.

We are happy that we have become known as a tea store and we have been very successful.”

The name Tansiy is taken from the herb “tansi” (the root) which is used to make tea.

Tansi tea is a good tea for the elderly, and its medicinal properties make it very popular among patients suffering from chronic illnesses, said Dr. Kukalya, the head of the Ayurvesis Institute.

She also said that it is a great tea for those with arthritis.

Taniya is a beautiful green, white tea with a mild flavor.

It has a strong taste of ginger and cinnamon.

It also has a very pleasant taste to it and it tastes very similar to Kava.

“Taniyas medicinal qualities are very high,” said Rina Kukal, who works at the Ayursian Institute in Kolkata.

“We have a lot of medicinal products available for people to enjoy and enjoy.”